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After China's auto market, why international giant but a roadside store?

According to the China association of automobile manufacturers, China auto sales more than 28 million vehicles in 2016. And the ministry of public security traffic management bureau show that by the end of March 2017, the national motor vehicle ownership in 300 million for the first time, including up to 200 million cars. Transport sector is expected that the future Chinese auto market growth rate of more than 30%, after 2018 years the size of the market is expected to break one trillion yuan.

After the car market long-term small scattered

China's auto industry has gradually grown into the pillar of the national economy, and form a complete set of auto after market development lag: one side is a strong system of 4 s shop; On the other side is small, scattered and disorderly booth. And consumers can only long-term in the cracks between their own interests.

Relatively speaking, the 4 s shop is guaranteed in terms of technology and components, ?


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