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Before April drivers sales doubled Engineering machinery recovery stabilizing

Drivers sales to speed up, the PPP infrastructure projects to speed up the construction. Construction machinery association, according to the excavator sales in April 14397, up 101.19% year on year, April 1, 2017 the total sales of 54863 units, up 99.3% from a year earlier, the cumulative sales account for 78% of the 2016 annual sales. Product structure, small/medium/large dig sales of 9114/3476/1807 units, respectively accounted for 63.3%, 24.1% and 12.6% respectively, the dig and dig sales proportion increased. Komatsu, according to the latest figures released in April, the number of hours drivers on average 154.4 hours, up 13.61% year on year, rose 5.61%. Drivers as earthmoving machinery leading indicators, sales volume continues to recover, opening hours, lay a large engineering machinery industry cycle recovery tone. Increase infrastructure investment as the main cause of the recovery, the national bureau of statistics data show that 1, 2017 - march, infrastructure construction in China


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